22nd International Medieval Congress

Typikon of the Monastery of Our Lady of Good Hope. Oxford, Lincoln College, Bodleian Library (Lincoln College, Ms. Gr. 35, fol. 12r, detail)

Conference Date: Jul 06, 2015–Jul 09, 2015 Location: University of Leeds Leeds UK

The Empire of the Palaiologoi: Ruin or Renewal? I: Cultures in Transition

The entry of Michael VIII Palaiologos into Constantinople in 1261 seemed to herald a new beginning for the Byzantine empire. Although it is easy to point to the empire’s ultimate demise, more recent scholars have shown that old narratives of decadence and decline are misguided. Astonishing feats of adaptation can be seen, alongside intense intellectual, literary, theological and artistic energy. The Palaiologan period saw the blossoming of new ideas, intense self-examination and unprecedented cultural engagement. This session examines different aspects of change in Palaiologan society, highlighting their unique contributions to Byzantine culture.

The MJC-sponsored session is the first of three linked panels. The Empire of the Palaiologoi: Ruin or Renewal? II: Church and Society and The Empire of the Palaiologoi: Ruin or Renewal? III: Debates and Perspectives are also organized by Brian McLaughlin and are sponsored by The Hellenic Institute, Royal Holloway, University of London.