Dissertation Grants

How to Apply

Applications must be submitted online through the Mary Jaharis Center's Interfolio portal. Application materials will not be accepted via email or postal mail. Required documentation.

We are no longer accepting applications for this grant.

Mary Jaharis Center Dissertation Grants are awarded to advanced graduate students working on Ph.D. dissertations in the field of Byzantine studies broadly conceived. These grants are meant to help defray the costs of research-related expenses, e.g., travel, photography/digital images, microfilm.

Application Deadline

Applications are accepted between 1 November 2023 and 1 February 2024. Notifications will be made in May 2024. Late applications will not be accepted. Late recommendations will not be accepted.


All graduate students whose primary research focuses on an aspect of Byzantine studies are eligible. Applicants must have an approved dissertation project by the application date.


Applications will be evaluated using the following criteria:

  • Significance: The extent to which the proposed dissertation research will make an original and important contribution to the field of inquiry it addresses.
  • Approach: The extent to which the conceptual framework and methodology are clearly presented and appropriate for the proposed research.
  • Need: The extent to which the funding will make a significant contribution toward the completion of the dissertation.


  • Funds must be used between 1 July 2024 and 30 June 2025.
  • Names of recipients and their projects will be published on the MJC website.
  • Recipients will submit by 1 September 2025 a brief report (400–500 words) outlining the work accomplished during the grant period and explaining how the grant money was used.
  • Recipients will submit by 1 September 2025 a précis (200–250 words) of her/his report highlighting the work accomplished during the grant period. The précis will be posted on the MJC website.
  • In any publications resulting from the grant, the recipient will acknowledge the Mary Jaharis Center for Byzantine Art and Culture.
  • Grants may be combined with other funding sources.
  • Funds awarded to international applicants may be subject to US tax withholding. International applicants will receive funds in US dollars via wire transfer.
  • Recipients will be expected to carry out the activities outlined in their project statement. Any significant divergence from the original proposal should be reported to the Mary Jaharis Center.


For questions about the grant, the application process, or reimbursement, contact Brandie Ratliff, Director, Mary Jaharis Center for Byzantine Art and Culture.

A complete application includes

  • Completed online application.
  • Full curriculum vitae of education, professional experience, honors, awards, and publications.
  • Project statement, not to exceed 1,000 words, comprising (1) proposed research topic, (2) preparation to carry out proposed research, and (3) purpose of the grant (explain how the grant will be used and how it will enable you to define and refine your eventual dissertation project).
  • Budget outlining the expenses that will be covered by the grant.
  • Graduate transcripts, official or unofficial.
  • Two confidential letters of recommendation. Referees must submit letters through the Mary Jaharis Center's Interfolio portal. Both recommendations should be academic. Your academic adviser must be one of your referees. Referees should comment on the potential significance of the proposed research topic and the applicant’s preparation to complete the research. The letter from your academic advisor should confirm that you have completed all requirements to advance to Ph.D. candidacy. Recommendations must be signed and submitted in English on official letterhead.

All material must be submitted in English through Interfolio. Detailed information about submitting your application through Interfolio can be found at this link. Late applications will not be accepted. Late recommendations will not be accepted.