Exhibitions/May 26, 2015

Seventh North American Syriac Symposium

The Seventh North American Syriac Symposium, Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C., June 21–24, 2015

Held every four years since 1991, the North American Syriac Symposium brings together university professors, graduate students, and scholars from the United States and Canada as well as from Europe, the Middle East, and India, in particular from the State of Kerala. The Symposium offers a unique opportunity for exchange and discussion on a wide variety of topics related to the language, literature, and cultural history of Syriac Christianity, which extends chronologically from the first centuries CE to the present day and geographically from Syriac Christianity’s homeland in the Middle East to South India, China, and the worldwide diaspora.

The theme for the 2015 CUA Syriac Symposium will be Ad Fontes: Sources for Syriac Studies. Given the tremendous growth in Syriac studies over the last two decades, we would like to celebrate the rich and varied sources on which the field is built, from manuscripts and inscriptions to architecture, from objects of art to oral tradition.