Courses & Workshops/Jan 30, 2018

New Directions in Medieval Religious History

New Directions in Medieval Religious History lead image

New Directions in Medieval Religious History, Dartmouth College, May 29–June 2, 2018

We invite applications for participation in the second annual Dartmouth Summer History Institute (Tuesday May 29-Saturday June 2). The theme for 2018 is New Directions in Medieval Religious History.  

The aim of the Summer Institute is to bring together the most promising young scholars working on medieval religious history from across our field, to read and workshop pieces of their historical writing as they embark on the transition from dissertation to book, in order to take stock of emerging considerations and approaches. We are interested in all aspects of religious history, including its links to political, social, cultural, and intellectual history.

Applicants should be in the process of completing their Ph.D. dissertations or in the early stages of revising the Ph.D. as a book manuscript. (Students finishing Ph.D.s in Spring or Summer of 2018 are encouraged to apply.) Participants will each furnish a draft article or working dissertation/book chapter central to or exemplary of their larger historical intervention to be workshopped. In addition to workshopping individual pieces of writing, the Institute will include a variety of fora (receptions, dinners, and lectures) to discuss theoretical and methodological issues in the company of invited senior scholars.

Participation in the Institute includes travel, room, and board.