Publications/Feb 10, 2023

Médecine et Christianisme: Sources et Pratiques

Médecine et Christianisme: Sources et Pratiques lead image

Alessia Guardasole, Antonio Ricciardetto, and Véronique Boudon-Millot, eds. Médecine et christianisme: Sources et pratiques. Actes du colloque international de Paris, septembre 2016. Orient & Méditerranée, 40. Peeters Publishers, 2022.

From Peeters Publishers

Following the volume Les Pères de l’Église et la science médicale de leur temps, published in 2005, the present work collects 9 papers presented at the international conference organised at Sorbonne University on 15 and 16 September 2016. Based on the examination of the original texts, the papers endeavour to study the links between the Christian authors and the ancient Greek medical texts from an interdisciplinary approach. Particular attention is paid to the use in Christian texts of quotations from medical literature, medical notions, and specialized lexicon. The papers also analyse and compare the medical vocabulary attested in different types of contemporaneous writings, both pagan and Christian, literary and documentary, to better understand the process of transmission and assimilation of Greek medical science by the Christian society in the first centuries AD.