Lectures/Apr 25, 2023

Lost Mosaics of Ravenna

Lost Mosaics of Ravenna lead image

Lost Mosaics of Ravenna, University of Freiburg via Zoom, Wednesdays May–June 2023, 4:00–6:00 pm

In Summer 2023, the University of Freiburg will host the online lecture series "Lost Mosaics of Ravenna".


May 10: Judith Herrin (London/Oxford) 
Ravenna’s tradition of secular portraits 

May 17: Deborah Mauskopf Deliyannis (Bloomington) 
"There you will find depicted…": Descriptions of Ravenna’s mosaics in written texts 

June 7: Maria Cristina Carile (Bologna/Ravenna) 
Invisible Ravenna. Notes on some forgotten monuments of the late antique city 

June 14: Armin Bergmeier (Leipzig) 
Lost meanings: a cultural heritage approach to Ravenna’s late antique mosaics 

June 21: Magdalena Krampe (Freiburg) 
Erasing, modifying, and copying. The mosaics in San Apollinare Nuovo and San Apollinare in Classe 

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