Calls for Papers/Aug 25, 2023

Landscapes of Crisis

Landscapes of Crisis lead image

Landscapes of Crisis, Centre of Medieval and Renaissance Research at the University of Winchester sponsored panels at the 2024 International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds, July 1–4, 2024

This strand of papers seeks to discuss landscapes of, in, and through crises in any of the guises this may involve. Papers are welcomed from across disciplinary boundaries in any of the subject areas of Medieval Studies, and any geographic location.

We particularly encourage papers using ecocritical, environmental and medieval humanities, and non-human centered approaches. Comparative papers including the scale of the Global Middle Ages are also encouraged.

Some areas to explore include - but are certainly not limited to:

  • Nature, crisis and humanity: how did humans interact or respond to major weather shocks such as flooding or drought, or natural events such as volcanoes and earthquakes?
  • Environment, climate, and crisis: how did long-term and large-scale climate changes throughout the Middle Ages cause significant impacts to human geography? How did human action impact landscapes in both positive and negative ways?
  • Landscapes through crises: how does viewing a landscape itself as an agent of change impact how we can view crises and their aftermaths?
  • Contested political landscapes: how does the intersection of place, people and crises in war and politics create landscapes?

However, these are only suggestions and we would welcome queries in any areas that address landscapes in/of/through crises.

Karl Alvestad
Daniel Brown
Stefanie Schild
Johannes Waldschütz
Katherine Weikert