Courses & Workshops/Sep 26, 2016

From Deserts to Museums

From Deserts to Museums lead image

From Deserts to Museums: Tracing the Provenance of Late Antique Egyptian Textiles, Department of Historical Studies, University of Gothenburg, September 28, 2016, 9:00–4:00pm

An international workshop focusing on the collecting of late antique Egyptian textiles.


Session 1
Textiles from Akhmim, Antinoopolis and Arsinoe in the collection of the MBK, their excavators and collectors
Cäcilia Fluck (Museum für Byzantinische Kunst, Berlin)

The provenance and history of the ‘Coptic’ textiles collection in the RMAH in Brussels
Alexandra van Puyvelde (Royal Museums of Art and History, Brussels)

Textile collecting in Spain: buying, exchanging and spreading Egyptian Late Antiquity
Ana Cabrera (Victoria & Albert Museum, London)

Session 2
The origins of ‘Coptic’ fabrics in Polish museum collections
Anna Glowa (Catholic University of Lublin)

‘Coptic’ textiles from Egypt at museums and excavations in Israel
Orit Shamir and Alisa Baginski (Israel Antiquities Authority)

Session 3
Gathering textiles based on technical analysis
Anne Kwaspen (Katoen Natie Museum, Antwerp)

Collecting ‘Coptic’ textiles today: the view of the collectors
Arnaud Quertinmont (Royal Museum of Mariemont)

The provenance of Egyptian fabrics from the former collection of Tove Alm
Maciej Szymaszek (University of Gothenburg)

Dr. Maciej Szymaszek