Funding/Nov 03, 2022

Doctoral Scholarships, Berlin Graduate School of Ancient Studies

Doctoral Scholarships, Berlin Graduate School of Ancient Studies lead image

The Berlin Graduate School of Ancient Studies (BerGSAS), with funding from the Graduate School Scholarship Program (GSSP) of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), invites applications for 2 doctoral scholarships within each of the following programs: Ancient Languages and Texts (ALT), Ancient Philosophy and History of Ancient Science, and Languages and Cultures of the Silk Road.

The doctoral program Ancient Languages and Texts (ALT) focuses on the written heritage of ancient cultures which includes literary works as well as documentary texts like inscriptions and papyri.

The doctoral program Ancient Philosophy and History of Ancient Science has 2 pathways. For the Ancient Philosophy pathway of the program, dissertation proposals that involve both philosophy and one or more special sciences (including mathematics, medicine, and other disciplines that we might not today consider special sciences, such as grammar or divination) are particularly welcome. For the History of Ancient Science pathway, proposals that consider philological, social and cultural aspects of the ancient sciences, both in the Greco-Roman and in the ancient Near Eastern, Early Christian and Islamic worlds, are welcome (but not exclusively).

The Languages and Cultures of the Silk Road covers Asia since prehistoric times and Central Asia essentially in the period from the begin of the historical era (texts or some historical/archaeological sources) until the arrival of Islam in the region (e.g., 10th c. in Kashgar, ca. 14th c. in Turfan). It concentrates on the range of attested languages and literatures of Buddhist, Manichaean, Zoroastrian, and Christian communities, and on a lesser quantity of secular documents. 

Applicants must hold an outstanding Master's degree in an appropriate subject. The most recent graduate degree (M.A.) must have been taken no more than 5 years, 9 months prior to the application deadline (last possible date of graduation: 1 April 2017). Applicants must not have completed a PhD previously. 

The call is only open to applicants who do not have German citizenship. Applicants must not have been resident in Germany for more than the last 12 months as of the application deadline.

The scholarships are available from 1 October 2023 (Wintersemester 2023/24) for four years, subject to a satisfactory annual progress review.