Calls for Papers/Jan 9, 2019

Cause, Process and Impact of Interaction in Ancient Cultures

Cause, Process and Impact of Interaction in Ancient Cultures lead image

Cause, Process and Impact of Interaction in Ancient Cultures, Graduate Archaeology at Oxford Annual International Conference 2019, Ioannou Centre, University of Oxford, March 11–12, 2019

The GAO conference aims to provide a platform for graduate students and early career researchers to present their works, discuss, and network with their peers and senior scholars from different fields. The theme of our 2019 conference is ‘Cause, Process and Impact of Interaction in Ancient Cultures’. Interaction here refers to cultural interaction between people and societies, and interaction between people and environment, landscape, fauna and flora. Studying interaction is one of the best ways to demonstrate changes in the human past. This conference which combines the fields of archaeology, classical archaeology, archaeological science and oriental studies, will allow researchers to explore interactions from different lenses.

We invite topics that cover either the cause, process or impact of the interaction, or a combination of these, that are relevant to the above fields, from prehistoric and historic contexts in any regions. We also consider abstracts from the other fields if they fit well with the theme. Topics can include, but are not limited to theory and methodology, chronological sequence, movement of people or cultural activities, provenance of materials, materials/knowledge transmission, warfare and conflict, diet/subsidence strategy changes, invention and innovation, adaption of new practices, past climate and environmental reconstruction and changes, society hierarchy and organisation, socio-political complexity, inter-regional social/political/economic network.