2nd Online Edinburgh Byzantine Book Festival

2nd Online Edinburgh Byzantine Book Festival lead image

2nd Online Edinburgh Byzantine Book Festival, University of Edinburgh online, March 9–12, 2023

The Edinburgh Byzantine Book Festival is the only one of its kind as a way to learn about recently published books on any area of Late Antique and Byzantine Studies (AD ca.300–ca.1500), including literature, history, archaeology, and material culture. The Festival is an online event, allowing attendees from all over the world to join in. It takes place every two years in order to promote a wider understanding and awareness of Byzantine scholarship in a spirit of collegiality. It is also intended to encourage future collaborations and networking among the various presenters and attendees.

The second Online Edinburgh Byzantine Book Festival includes volumes published in 2021 and 2022, and forthcoming books with an estimated publication date no later than June 2023. There is no restriction as regards the original language of the book, but all presentations will be in English.

Please note that we do not accept edited volumes, volumes that include a collection of previously published articles (e.g. variorum), reprints, re-editions or new paperback editions. Each author can present up to one book.