Medieval Manuscripts in Oxford Libraries

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Last updated: 7/26/22

Medieval Manuscripts in Oxford Libraries: A catalogue of Western manuscripts at the Bodleian Libraries and selected Oxford colleges provides descriptions of all known Western medieval manuscripts in the Bodleian Library, and of medieval manuscripts in selected Oxford colleges (currently Christ Church). It is the result of a project generously funded by the Tolkien Trust.

“Western” denotes manuscripts written in Latin, Greek, and the European vernaculars (including Slavonic languages). “Medieval” denotes manuscripts written before approximately 1500 and includes papyri from the classical period. The distinction between “medieval” and “renaissance” or “early modern” manuscripts naturally varies according to region and subject-matter and is frequently a matter of judgement.

“Manuscripts” as traditionally understood in the Bodleian include some documentary materials, but the Bodleian’s collections of charters and rolls (i.e. manuscripts whose shelfmarks begin “MS. Ch.” or “MS. Rolls” or “MS. Pedigree Rolls”) are not currently included in this catalogue.

The Bodleian's papyri are briefly described.

The website was launched on 4 August 2017. Major changes are summarized in the release history.

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