Database of Byzantine Book Epigrams

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Last updated: 8/20/18

The Database of Byzantine Book Epigrams (DBBE) is an ongoing project that makes available textual and contextual data of book epigrams (or: metrical paratexts) from medieval Greek manuscripts (seventh to fifteenth century).

We define book epigrams as poems in books and on books: their subject is the very manuscript in which they are found. They record, react to, or motivate the production, the contents and the use of the book.

The user can access the database by searching or browsing through three categories:

  • Occurrences: Epigrams as they occur in one specific manuscript. Currently, more than the half of the data collected here is the result of manuscript consultation carefully conducted by members of our team. The remainder is compiled from descriptive catalogues and other related publications, such as articles, editions, etc.
  • Types: Normalised versions of the poems, often regrouping several similar occurrences. This part of the database is still very provisional. The types are meant to evolve into a corpus of editions over the next years.
  • Manuscripts: Manuscript identifications are given according to city, library, name of the collection, shelf number: it basically follows the system of the Pinakes database.

DBBE is hosted by Ghent University, Department of Literary Studies, Greek Section.

Version: A beta version of the database was released on September 1, 2015. A new version of the database is anticipated by the end of 2018.

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