Jun 01, 2023

Mary Jaharis Center Announces Grants for 2023–2024

Mary Jaharis Center Announces Grants for 2023–2024 image

The Mary Jaharis Center is pleased to announce the winners of its 2023–2024 grant competition.

The Mary Jaharis Center awarded a Co-Funding Grant to Rev. Fr. Stefanos Alexopoulos, Catholic University of America, for the three-day conference “The Liturgies of the Church of Alexandria: From Late-Antique Origins to the Medieval Heritage,” co-organized by Professor Dr. Harald Buchinger, University of Regensburg, and Rev. Fr. Arsenius Mikhail, St. Athanasius and St. Cyril Coptic Orthodox Theological School. The conference will foster and facilitate the examination of sources from the early period of the Alexandrine church (such as papyri, Church orders, patristics testimonies, and archeological evidence) so as to understand how the liturgical traditions of the various expression of Alexandrine Christianity developed and reached the liturgical structures and texts documented by medieval manuscript witnesses of Egypt, Nubia, and Ethiopia. It will take from 21–23 September 2023 at Catholic University of America.

Dissertation grants were awarded to Yiğit Zafer Helvacı, studying at the University of Torino, for his dissertation, "Archaeometric Analysis of Byzantine Mural Paintings from Eastern Crete, Greece," to Sarah Elaine Mathiesen, studying at Florida State University, for her dissertation, "Yılanlı Kilise: Meaning and Identity in a Byzantine Rock-Cut Church," to Earnestine Qiu, studying at Princeton University, for her dissertation, "Place and Power in the Anatolian Alexander Romances," and to Dorota Katarzyna Zaprzalska, studying at Jagiellonian University, for her dissertation, "Composite Icons as a Manifestation of the Sacralization of Images in Devotional Practice."

Publication Grants were awarded to Dr. Maria Alessia Rossi, Index of Medieval Art, Princeton University, for Visualizing Christ’s Miracles in Late Byzantium: Art, Theology, and Court Culture, and Dr. Agnieszka E. Szymanska, University of Richmond, for Sacred Spectating in Late Antique Egypt: Monastic Painting as Spiritual Experience. Both volumes will be published by Cambridge University Press.

Congratulations to this year's winners!