Jun 01, 2021

Mary Jaharis Center Announces Grants for 2021–2022

Mary Jaharis Center Announces Grants for 2021–2022 image

The Mary Jaharis Center is delighted to announce the results of the 2021–2022 grant cycle.

Alessandro Carabia, studying at the University of Birmingham, was awarded a Dissertation Grant for his dissertation, "Space, Population, and Economy in a Frontier Region: Liguria in the Context of the Western Byzantine Provinces AD 500-700," and Elizabeth Zanghi, studying at Sorbonne University, for her dissertation, "El Nazar Kilise: étude globale d’un site mésobyzantin en Cappadoce."

Dr. Bilge Ar, Assistant Professor in the Department of Architecture at Istanbul Technical University, received a Project Grant to document the North Church and surrounding buildings at the St. Thecla (Meryemlik) Archaeological Site and analyze the processional routes connecting the North Church with the site's other churches and structures in order to reconstruct the religious usage of the site.

Publication Grants were award to Julia Burdajewicz, faculty member at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, for Porphyreon in the Sidonian Hinterland: Late Antique Wall Paintings from the Basilica and Residential District (Polish Publications in Mediterranean Archaeology 7, Peeters Publishers) and to Jesse W. Torgerson, Assistant Professor, Wesleyan University, for The Chronographia of George the Synkellos and Theophanes: The Ends of Time in Ninth-Century Constantinople (Brill, Open Access).

Congratulations to this year's winners!