The Angel Cried, Third Boston Byzantine Music Festival

Holy Cross St. Romanos Byzantine Choir and Boston Choral Ensemble performing “The Angel Cried” at the third Boston Byzantine Music Festival, hosted by the Mary Jaharis Center for Byzantine Art Culture at Hellenic College Holy Cross, November 13–14, 2015. In the opening sequence, Holy Cross St. Romanos Byzantine Choir chants the second verse (Shine, shine, O New Jerusalem) of “The Angel Cried,” which is a an Easter megalynarion (a festal hymn in honor of Mary Mother of God chanted in the Divine Liturgy of the Orthodox Church; zadostoynik in Slavonic). The setting by Petros the Peloponnesian (d. 1778) is chanted multiple times during the forty-day period following the feast of Pascha (Easter) in the Greek tradition. Boston Choral Ensemble sings “Angel vopiyashe,” Ivan Moody’s (b. 1964) setting of the Slavonic translation of “The Angel Cried,” in the second sequence.