Funding/May 15, 2024

Past & Present Conference Funding

Past & Present Conference Funding lead image

The Past and Present Society is able to award grants to organisers of conferences and workshops. It supports scholars of any status and is particularly keen to fund events that bring together senior scholars with early career researchers. The grants are intended to subsidise registration fees, and cover accommodation and travel costs. Please note that the Society will NOT normally offer funding to annual conferences; and that grants cannot be sought retrospectively.

While the Society does not fund recurring events which would take place anyway (e.g. annual lectures/conferences), funding requests for a limited series of workshop meetings on a defined topic – in-person, online, or a mixture of the two – are eligible. 

Applicants should note that the Society will not normally meet the full costs of the event and that they are expected to approach their own institutions as well as well as other funding bodies where possible. 

Applications will be considered three times a year; deadlines are 15 February, 15 June, and 15 October.