Calls for Papers/Dec 15, 2016

Iconoclasm and Iconophilia

Iconoclasm and Iconophilia lead image

Iconoclasm and Iconophilia, Eleventh International Conference of Iconographic Studies, Center for Iconographic Studies – University of Rijeka, June 1–3, 2017

The conference seeks to explore and discuss recent development in the dialogue between art history, history, theology, philosophy, and cultural theory concerning the perception and definition of iconoclasm(s) in history. From the word that developed on the aggressive statements and actions against images (especially within the reference to the historical disputes in Christianity) the term has come to be applied to actions or movements that challenge apprized values and cultivated beliefs. It has been recently discussed beyond the cultural and temporal boundaries, as well as being a transformative force in cultural production. When approached it usually stands opposite to iconophilia and throughout the history the clash between two terms produced not only theoretical background but also production of works of art that shape our understanding of a particular period or religious group. We welcome academic papers that will approach these subjects in interdisciplinary and methodologically diverse angles. The themes and subjects can include the following:

  • Iconoclasm within religious realms and history (censorships by religious beliefs, iconoclastia, historical debates, edicts and manifestos regarding images)
  • Iconophiles’ reactions, positions and influence
  • Damnatio memoriae and other political iconoclasm
  • Iconoclasm in modern and contemporary history
  • Iconoclasm as global term in visual arts

Presented in collaboration with University of Sapienza in Rome (Italy), The Hebrew University in Jerusalem (Israel), Study of Theology in Rijeka, University of Zagreb (Croatia), University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), and Gregorian Pontifical University in Rome (Italy)