Athos Digital Heritage

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Last updated: 8/12/21

Athos Digital Heritage is the portal for the project of the Holy Community of Mount Athos to document, digitize, and disseminate its culture heritage. The portal's over two million digital records include around 200,000 items (documents, letters, photographs, etc.) from the historical archive, over 3,000 manuscripts (fully digitized), over 1,500 incunabula (fully digitized), and 22,000 objects (icons, metalwork, textiles, etc.).

The portal also includes content aimed at a wider audience. This content includes a digital Proskinitarion (pilgrimage narrative) for each of the participating Monasteries, Athos Digital Pathways (interactive maps of the ancient footpaths used for communication and travel), educational modules, an audio visual archive (liturgical services, drone views, etc.), and digital exhibitions.  

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