Fourth Boston Byzantine Music Festival

The fourth Boston Byzantine Music Festival explored paraliturgical music—music and song written on sacred themes and performed outside of the formal liturgy—in Byzantine and post-Byzantine chant, the music of Medieval and Renaissance Europe, the Jewish tradition, and contemporary composition. In the concert, Sacred Voices, Sacred Traditions, acclaimed vocalists and instrumentals accompanied Cappella Clausura, Holy Cross St. Romanos the Melodist Byzantine Choir, and Kol Arev in a performance that included works by the ninth-century nun Kassia, the Renaissance lutenist Sulpitia Cesis, the post-Byzantine Greek Orthodox master cantor Panagiotis Chalatzoglou, the German composer of Jewish liturgical music Louis Lewandowski, and contemporary composers Joseph Ness and Arvo Pärt. The themes of poetry and song in the Jewish and Christian tradition were discussed at the festival symposium, Liturgical and Paraliturgical Hymnology in East and West, and festival performers Apostolos Combitsis, Nick Giannoukakis, Amelia LeClair, and Lynn Torgove led workshops on Byzantine, Jewish, and Western chant traditions.