Aug 11, 2015

MJC Awards Grants for 2015–16

MJC Awards Grants for 2015–16 image

In May 2015, the Mary Jaharis Center awarded its first Dissertation Grants and Dissertation Development Grants. Dissertation Grants, which provide funding to help defray the costs of research-related expenses, were awarded to Shannon Steiner (Bryn Mawr) for her dissertation, “Byzantine Enamel and Material Power, Ninth to Fifteenth Centuries,” and Courtney Tomaselli (Harvard University) for dissertation, “Piety, Patronage, Praxis: The Byzantine Psalter Vaticanus Graecus 1927.” Dissertation Development Grants, which assist with the costs of travel associated with the development of a dissertation proposal, were awarded to James Morton (University of California, Berkeley) for his project, “Byzantine Canon Law in the Roman Church: Nomocanonical Collections as Sources for the Greek Church in Southern Italy (11th–13th Centuries),” and Kyle Shimoda (Ohio State University) for his project, “The “Keys” of the Latinokratia: Castles and Fortifications in the Latin Aegean, 1204–1669.”​