ONLINE: Studying East of Byzantium VI: The State of the Field

Dayr Mār Mūsā al-Ḥabashi, Syria, detail of west wall of the nave, layer 3, ca. 1200

Date: Mar 13, 2020 - Mar 14, 2020 Location: Tufts University

A workshop bringing together doctoral students in North America studying the Christian East to reflect on the state of the field across its many disciplines, to share methodologies, and to discuss their research with senior specialists in the field.

Due to efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19, this workshop will take place virtually and will only be open to workshop participants. We look forward to welcoming you at East of Byzantium events next year.

In this two-day workshop, 8 doctoral students present the methodical approaches employed in their dissertation research and reflect on how these approaches relate to the larger field of East Christian studies. Responses and points of reflection will be provided by Valentina Calzolari (Université de Genève, Département des langues et des littératures Méditerranéennes, Slaves, et Orientales) and Christina Maranci (Tufts University, History of Art and Architecture).

All are welcome to listen to the papers and share in the discussion.


This workshop is part of the Studying East of Byzantium workshop series. EAST OF BYZANTIUM is a partnership between the Arthur H. Dadian and Ara Oztemel Chair of Armenian Art at Tufts University and the Mary Jaharis Center that explores the cultures of the eastern frontier of the Byzantine empire in the late antique and medieval periods.