Manuel Chrysaphes: Vespers

Date: Nov 17, 2018 Time: 8:00 PM–9:30 PM Location: Emmanuel Church Address: 15 Newbury Street Boston, MA 02116

Psaltikon Ensemble, under the direction of Spyridon Antonopoulos, performs the Vespers of Manuel Chrysaphes.

A concert of ancient psalmody and virtuosic kalophonic chant composed for the service of Vespers by the fifteenth-century Constantinopolitan cantor and theorist Manuel Chrysaphes. Performed by the Psaltikon Ensemble under the direction Spyridon Antonopoulos.

Manuel Chrysaphes (fl. ca. 1440–1463), composer, theorist, and singer, worked in the imperial court of Constantinople as lampadarios (a director of the imperial choirs) under the last Byzantine emperors, John VIII Palaiologos (r. 1425–1448) and Constantine XI Palaiologos (r. 1449–1453). His approximately 300 works appear frequently in musical collections written after the mid-fifteenth century. His treatise, “On the Theory of the Psaltic Art and On Certain Erroneous Views That Some Hold about It,” expands our understanding of modal theory and musical practice and provides important information about the development of Byzantine singing in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries.

This concert will take place in the Lindsay Chapel at Boston’s historic Emmanuel Church and is sponsored by the Mary Jaharis Center for Byzantine Studies as part of the 2018 Boston Byzantine Music Festival.

Ticket Prices
Preferred Seating: $32
Regular Seating: $28
Students with valid ID: $15

Tickets should be purchased online.

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