Date: Nov 15, 2019 Time: 7:30 PM–9:30 PM Location: First Church Cambridge Address: 11 Garden Street Cambridge, MA 02138

A program of contemporary composition and traditional music from Asia Minor and the Byzantine tradition.

About the Performers

Kyriakos Kalaitzidis, Thessaloniki

Kyriakos Kalaitzidis, composer, oud player, and artistic director and co-founder of En Chordais, is considered one of the most important musical scholars in the field of modal secular music of the post-Byzantine era. Born in Thessaloniki, Dr. Kalaitzidis earned a PhD in Byzantine musicology at the University of Athens. In 1986, he began a study of the oud and is one of the most distinguished performers and teachers of the instrument in the Mediterranean today. He has composed and performed instrumental works and music for theater and cinema, for which he has received enthusiastic reviews. He has also written extensively about the evolution of the Mediterranean learned musical tradition and its relationship to contemporary music. His publications include The Oud - Teaching Method (1996) and Post-Byzantine Music Manuscripts as a Source for Oriental Secular Music (15th to Early 19th century) (2012).

Holy Cross St. Romanos the Melodist Byzantine Choir, Hellenic College Holy Cross

Holy Cross St. Romanos the Melodist Byzantine Choir is a vocal ensemble of students and alumni of Hellenic College Holy Cross. It is named after the 6th-century saint Romanos the Melodist and is dedicated to performing Byzantine and post-Byzantine sacred musical works in the style created and preserved at the Ecumenical Patriarchate in Constantinople. The choir regularly performs in liturgical services as well as at concerts, conferences, lectures, fundraising events, state and national holiday celebrations, and school ceremonies. In addition to Byzantine chant, its repertoire includes Greek folk music, popular and art songs, and modern English adaptations and original settings of sacred texts. The choir is directed by Rev. Fr. Romanos Karanos, Assistant Professor of Byzantine Liturgical Music at Hellenic College Holy Cross.

Pharos Ensemble, Boston

Pharos Ensemble is named after “φάρος”, from the Greek word “lighthouse” and specializes in the music of the Greek refugees of Anatolia. The ensemble consists of four highly acclaimed musicians and educators (Eirini Tornesaki - Vocals, Vasilis Kostas -Laouto, Panos Aivazidis - Kanu, and George Lernis - Percussion), all of whom are graduates of the prestigious Berklee College of Music. They have all studied their musical traditions in depth and they currently present them in the United States and around the world.