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The Medieval Islamicate World

Arc-Medieval Press announces a new series The Medieval Islamicate World.

During the medieval period, the Islamicate world encompassed a great arc stretching from al-Andalus to China. Within this arc, Muslims, Jews, and Christians, along with other diverse cultures and belief systems, established  sophisticated and cosmopolitan communities, creating an environment that fostered intellectual, political and social interaction and cultural exchanges. Such connections were key to the vibrancy, achievements, and innovations of this period, resulting in a social reality that was as complex as it was subtle.

This series seeks to explore the intersections among the cultures that comprised the medieval Islamicate world, as well as the impact of specific communities, texts, and events on the development of Islamicate cultures. By considering these relationships and exchanges, we seek to trace the connections that gave rise to the variety and sophistication so characteristic of this era.

Topics and themes that the series intends to consider include
Identity, Religion, and Law; Dress and Social Discourse; Gender and Social Roles; Trade and Cultural Exchange; Art and Architecture; Patrons, Clients, and Slaves; Social Networks and hierarchies; Spaces and Borders; European Encounters with the Islamicate world; Islamicate encounters with the Occidental world; Material cultures; Music, Music Theory and Philosophies of Music; Literature and Poetry; Translation and Linguistics; Sexualities.

Geographical Scope
From al-Andalus, across the Mediterranean and Middle East, to the Punjab and beyond into China and Mongolia

Chronological Scope
7th-15th centuries CE (1st-9th centuries AH)

Call for Contributions
The Medieval Islamicate World is currently seeking academic monographs, including those based on doctoral research, and contributions for forthcoming edited volumes gender, sexuality, and identity as produced in various genres of medieval Islamicate texts.

Editorial Contact
E. T. Dailey

Source: H-Mideast-Medieval