Courses/Mar 06, 2023

“Socialisation” and “Communitisation” of Pre-modern Inscriptions

“Socialisation” and “Communitisation” of Pre-modern Inscriptions lead image

“Socialisation” and “Communitisation” of Pre-modern Inscriptions, Spring School in Epigraphy, Austrian Academy of Sciences, April 17–18, 2023

The planned Spring School encourages participants to consider the applicability of this new theoretical concept for epigraphic research from antiquity and post-antiquity and addresses primarily younger researchers, especially those who are working on relevant academic qualification theses.

The first day of the Spring School, which will be held as a hybrid event (on-site and via Zoom), will introduce the concept to participants in several keynote lectures or case studies. The participants are in turn expected to present their respective topics from the point of view of “socialization” and “communitisation” and to explore the opportunities and limits of this concept in plenary discourse. The second day of the event will take participants to the Augustinian canons’ monastery of Klosterneuburg near Vienna, where the insights gained on the previous day will be tested in practice on the ancient (dislocated) and medieval (preserved in situ) inscriptions extant in the epigraphic collection and the cloister.

Participation is free of charge; participants are however responsible for organising and financing their own travel and accommodation.

Unless otherwise agreed, the common language of the event will be English.

Andreas Rhoby (IMAFO)
Veronika Scheibelreiter-Gail (ÖAI)
Andreas Zajic (IMAFO)