Revisiting the History of Medieval Libya (7th–16th centuries): Sources, Analyses, Projects

Revisiting the History of Medieval Libya (7th–16th centuries): Sources, Analyses, Projects lead image

Revisiting the History of Medieval Libya (7th–16th centuries): Sources, Analyses, Projects, LibMed 2023–2024 monthly Zoom webinar

Despite being well-known for the Greek and Roman era, Libya remains rather unknown for the tenth centuries of the Islamic era, that began with the Islamic conquest of the 1st/7th century and ended with the progressive establishment of the Ottoman rule in the 10th/16th century. Thus, this webinar aims at reactivating the academic interest toward this space, that can be conceptualized as a crossroad within the global Islamic world, connecting the Maghrib with the Mashriq, the Mediterranean Sea and Saharan Africa. Following the last conference cycle (2022– 2023), in 2023–2024 we will continue to explore the sources available to the historians to write, reshape and reconsider the history of medieval Libya. A special emphasis will be put on new corpuses, especially material documentation. 


Session 1 (20 September 2023, 18h CET)
New insights on the major Libyan tribes from Antiquity to the Middle Ages 
Ahmed M’CHAREK (University of Tunis, Tunisia)

Session 2 (18 October 2023, 18h CET)
Cyrenaica on the eve of the Islamic conquest through epigraphy and numismatics 
Khaled ELHADDAR (University of Benghazi, Libya)

Session 3 (22 November 2022, 18h CET)
The emirate of the Banū Tellīs in the 15th c. CE 
Zakia ELGOUD (University of Benghazi, Libya)

Session 4 (20 December 2023, 18h CET)
Shedding light on some Islamic sites and buildings in Cyrenaica 
Zuha Sad AL-SADIQ (Omar al-Mukhtar University, El-Beyda, Libya)

Session 5 (24 January 2024, 18h CET)
The jurisprudential corpus and the history of Ibadism in medieval Libya: additions and difficulties
Houcine KHLIFI (University of Sousse, Tunisia)

Session 6 (21 February 2024, 18h CET)
Looking for Libya in Coptic-Arabic historiographical sources 
Perrine PILETTE (CNRS, Paris, France)

Session 7 (17 April 2024, 18h CET)
Partnership for Heritage. Documentation and heritage management for the protection of the Nafousa Mountains (Libya) (in Arabic)
Mahmoud HADIA and Ahmed MASOUD (Department of Antiquities, Libya) 

Session 8 (22 May 2024, 18h CET)
Between Ṭarābulus and Aṭrābulus. The journey of the toponym and difficulties in determining its form
Mohamed GHODHBANE (University of Tunis al-Manar, Tunisia)

Session 9 (26 June 2024, 18h CET)
Surveying and documentation of the archaeological city of Barca (Al-Marj) 
Naser ALHARARI (Department of Antiquities, Benghazi, Libya)

Organizers will supply Zoom information upon request.

LibMed is an international team gathering scholars working on Medieval Libya, from the Islamic conquest (7th century CE) until the establishment of an Ottoman rule (16th century CE).

Organization committee: Hafed ABDOULI (LERIC, University of Sfax, Tunisia); Inas Mohamed Ali BUBTANA (Archaeology department, University of Benghazi, Libya); Sébastien GARNIER (University of Paris-1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, France); Aurélien MONTEL (University of Toulouse-2, France)