Calls for Papers/Sep 26, 2018

Peaks, Ponti, Passages

Peaks, Ponti, Passages lead image

Peaks, Ponti, Passages, 5th Forum Medieval Art, Bern, September 18–21, 2019

The organizers of the invite paper proposals for 5th Forum Medieval Art. Theme is Peaks, Ponti, Passages. Bern—looking out to peaks Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau, situated at the border to the Romandy, and having a long-standing tradition in bridge-building—embodies certain notions of translations, entanglements, and interactions. The conference will highlight such themes, focusing on forms and means of exchange, infrastructure, political and religious relationships, and the concrete reflections of these connections through objects. Methodological challenges will also be paramount, such as questioning how to write a history of encounters between artists, artworks, materials, and traditions.


  • Into the Alps... The Mobility of altar pieces and workshops in the late Middle Ages
  • Bridges to Transcendence: Medieval Artworks within Processes of Transfer between Earthly and Heavenly Spheres
  • Rhein und Maas: Art and Culture across Rivers and Regions
  • Bridging Times and Spaces: Sharing Medieval Heritage in a Globalized World
  • Travelling with objects and texts
  • Urbi et Orbi: Rome, the City on the Seven Hills: Internal Dynamics and Universalist Ambitions (1050–1306)
  • Mobility of master masons, transfer of ideas, and conflicts in the later medieval civil engineering
  • Georgia as a bridge between cultures: dynamics of artistic exchange
  • The Bridge in the City. Passages, Images, Commerce, 12th to 14th Century
  • Building Churches in Late Medieval Europe: Between Competition and Compliance
  • Things in Ritual: Artifacts as Repositories and Agents of Social Interaction
  • Rock – cave – church. Shaping a natural sacred space in the Middle Ages
  • Interrupted passages? Rejection and transformation of objects in the Middle Ages
  • The Alpine Region as a Treasury. Between far-reaching interdependency and seclusion
  • Walter Benjamin and the Middle Ages
  • Across the Carpathian Mountains
  • Bridges and Passages (Ponti et passages). Alpine networks
  • Art and Crisis in the Late Byzantine Mediterranean