Publications/Sep 28, 2018

New Issue of Comparative Oriental Manuscript Studies Bulletin (Spring 2018)

New Issue of Comparative Oriental Manuscript Studies Bulletin (Spring 2018) lead image

Comparative Oriental Manuscript Studies Bulletin, volume 4, number 1, special issue (Spring 2018).


Linking Manuscripts from the Coptic, Ethiopian and Syriac Domain: Present and Future Synergy Strategies. Preface to the Special Issue
Alessandro Bausi, Paola Buzi, Pietro Liuzzo, and Eugenia Sokolinski

Beta maṣāḥǝft: Manuscripts of Ethiopia and Eritrea
Dorothea Reule

IslHornAfr and its Database of Islamic Literary Production from the Horn of Africa
Alessandro Gori

The TEI-XML Architecture of Ethiopian Manuscript Archives: Respecting the Integrity of Primary Sources and Asserting Editorial Choices
Anaïs Wion

The ‘PAThs’ Project: an Effort to Represent the Physical Dimension of Coptic Literary Production (Third–Eleventh centuries)
Paola Buzi, Julian Bogdani, and Francesco Berno

The ‘TraCES’ Project: Towards a New Approach to Studying the Gǝʿǝz Language
Eugenia Sokolinski

Dealing with the Stratigraphy of Coptic Codices: the Cases of MSS Pierpont Morgan Library M578 and Coptic Museum, inv. 13446
Nathan Carlig

Die Quellen von August Dillmanns Lexicon linguae Aethiopicae: Anmerkungen zu den Prolegomena und den verwendeten Sigla
Wolfgang Dickhut and Andreas Ellwardt

Describing the Complex: the Multiple Dimensions of a Relational Database
Sara Fani

Multi-level Digital Annotation of Ethiopic Texts
Susanne Hummel, Vitagrazia Pisani, and Cristina Vertan

The CMCL Clavis Coptica. On Producing a Standardized List of (Coptic) Works and Manuscripts
Tito Orlandi

Some Remarks about Coptic Colophons and Their Relationship with Manuscripts: Typology, Function, and Structure
Agostino Soldati

Encoding and Annotation of Ancient Places in Ethiopia
Solomon Gebreyes Beyene and Pietro Maria Liuzzo

Encoding Strategies and the Ethiopic Literary Heritage: The Physiologus as a Case Study
Massimo Villa