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New Issue of Byzantinische Zeitschrift

Byzantinische Zeitschrift, volume 108, issue 1 (July 2015)


Karl Krumbacher and the history of Byzantine literature
Panagiotis A. Agapitos

Diving for pearls and Tzetzes’ death
Eric Cullhed

The Soterios Project revisited: status quaestionis and the future edition
Marc De Groote

Der Briefbericht des Frater Simon über den Fall von Konstantinopel 1453
Martina Giese and Karoline D. Döring

Fragmente aus dem „Pandektes“ des Antiochos Monachos in der Palimpsesthandschrift Collegio Greco 2
Peter Isépy

Rice as food and medication in ancient and Byzantine medical literature
Maciej Kokoszko, Krzysztof Jagusiak, and Zofia Rzeźnicka

The “king of Francia” in De cerimoniis II, 48
Predrag Komatina

A user of the Chronicle of Joel
Dean Sakel

The propaganda value of imperial patronage: ecclesiastical foundations and charitable establishments in the late twelfth century
Alicia Simpson

Kaukasische Aristokraten auf byzantinischer Karriereleiter
Alexandra-Kyriaki Wassiliou-Seibt

The cultural dynamics of the term Hellanodikes in Palaiologan Byzantium
Sophia Xenophontos

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