Courses & Workshops/Feb 27, 2019


Networked! lead image

Networked! An Introductory, Hands-on Workshop on Network Analysis in the Humanities and Social Sciences, workshop led by Johannes Preiser-Kapeller (Austrian Academy of Science), Royal Holloway, University of London, March 7, 2019, 11:00 am–2:00 pm

Social Network Analysis is one of the most vibrant and rapidly growing methodologies in the social sciences and humanities today. This workshop will introduce the basic principles of this methodology, explore its potential for analysing social phenomena, and discuss the pitfalls of the approach. You will also experiment with network software and learn to visualise and analyse connections.

This workshop assumes no previous knowledge and is designed to provide a general foundation for everyone interested on the topic, from undergraduates to experienced researchers.

Johannes Preiser-Kapeller is team leader of the research group “Byzantium and beyond“ and of the research area “Complexities and Networks” at the Division for Byzantine Research of the Institute for Medieval Research at the Austrian Academy of Sciences as well as lecturer at the University of Vienna. His research interests include historical complexity and network research as well as the global and environmental history of the Middle Ages.

Advance registration required.