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Monetary History and Numismatics Summer School

Monetary History and Numismatics Summer School lead image

Monetary History and Numismatics Summer School, Antalya, July 3–14, 2017

An intensive two-week Summer School offering a broad chronological survey of monetary history and numismatics from the archaic to Byzantine periods, taught by Professor Dr. Oğuz Tekin (Koç University AKMED, Antalya) and  Dr. Peter van Alfen (American Numismatic Society, New York). The course, which is designed for newcomers to numismatics, will offer an introduction to Greek, Roman and Byzantine numismatics and will equip students with the tools to apply numismatics to their studies in the fields of archaeology, history and art history. As a collaboration between Koç University and the Suna and İnan Kıraç Research Center for Mediterranean Civilizations (AKMED), the course will take place at AKMED, in Antalya, 3 – 14 July, 2017.

The course will cover the basics of numismatics as well as offer an introduction to the rich contribution of numismatics to the economic and monetary history of the ancient and Byzantine worlds. Combining lectures, thematic explorations, and homework assignments, the course will include guided visits to the numismatic cabinets and coin exhibitions of the Antalya Museums, the Istanbul Archaeological Museums and the Pera Museum. Students will also have
the opportunity to visit two major archaeological sites in the region of Antalya (Perge and Myra/Andriake) and to learn how numismatists and archaeologists process excavated coins.

AKMED is situated in Kaleiçi, the heart of Antalya’s old city. Classes will meet 4 days in the first week and 3 days in the second week of the course, with two daily study trips to archaeological sites. The course will conclude in Istanbul with visits to the numismatic collections of the Istanbul Archaeological Museums and the numismatic and weight collections of the Pera Museum.

The course is open to all undergraduate and graduate students from all universities, in Turkey and abroad, as well as to a number of non-student applicants. All instruction will be given in English.

Basic package (includes course and field trips; does not include travel, accommodation, or lunches) 435 USD
Full package (includes course, field trips, accommodation and lunches; does not include travel) 907 USD

International students will be responsible for the following expenses: Health and travel insurance, as well as their visa costs. All students must have health insurance which covers them overseas.

The program will accept a maximum of 20 students. Based on financial need and academic rigor, 10 students will receive full scholarships and 10 students will receive partial scholarships. Full scholarships will include full package + travel expenses. Partial scholarships will be either awards of the basic or full package.