Lectures/Feb 26, 2018

Making a Byzantine Holy Land

Making a Byzantine Holy Land lead image

Making a Byzantine Holy Land: The Impact of Monastic Activity in the Mazi Plain, Attica, lecture by Fotini Kondyli (University of Virginia), American School of Classical Studies at Athens, March 6, 2018, 7:00 pm

Fotini Kondyli is Assistant Professor of Byzantine Art and Archaeology. Her research centers on Byzantine and Frankish material culture, the construction of Byzantine spaces, communal identity, household archaeology and Byzantine non-elites. She also works on cultural, economic and political networks in the Eastern Mediterranean in the Late Byzantine period (13th-15th c.). She is presently writing her first monograph on the material culture of Late Byzantine rural societies, focusing on the socio-economic and spatial organization of non-elite groups, and the impact of global demographic and economic phenomena, such as the Black Death, on local communities. Her work combines archaeology, archival research, spatial analysis, and the digital humanities.