Calls for Papers/May 11, 2015

London Summer School in Classics 2015

London Summer School in Classics, University College London, July 7–17, 2015

The London Summer School in Classics is taught in alternate years at UCL and KCL: in 2015 the Summer School will be held at UCL.

The Summer School offers eight days of intensive teaching in Greek or Latin. We will also be offering Beginners’ classes in Syriac, Coptic and Biblical Hebrew, subject to demand. There are four language classes each day, as well as lectures and epigraphy workshops, between 10:30 and 16:30. The course is not residential, and there is no teaching during the weekend.

Teaching is generally in groups of 12–15, which, as far as possible, comprise students of roughly the same level of experience (beginners, intermediate or advanced). The style of teaching is friendly, but demanding: a lot of work is expected from students during the School, but they usually find the whole experience both stimulating and valuable. Some classes concentrate chiefly on reading texts, while others offer a mixture of grammar and translation practice. Our tutors include some of the most experienced and talented teachers of Classics in the London area and beyond.

The Summer School in Classics caters for school and university students, and for anyone else who wishes to learn Greek or Latin, or to revive their knowledge of the languages.

The cost of the summer school is £150. The fee covers tuition, but not accommodation or travel expenses.

The Summer School is non-residential. However, students who require somewhere to stay can (subject to availability) arrange accommodation in a University of London Hall of Residence. Details of prices, availability and information on how to book can be found here.

Travel Grants and Bursaries
A limited number of grants may be available as a contribution to the travel costs of some students, though these may not cover all expenses. The travel grants will be arranged during the Summer School.