Funding/Nov 15, 2022

Kay Fellow in Premodern Disability Studies, Brandeis University

Kay Fellow in Premodern Disability Studies, Brandeis University lead image

Brandeis University invites applications for a two-year, non-renewable Florence Levy Kay Fellowship in Premodern Disability Studies. We seek a Fellow who takes a multicultural and intersectional approach to disability in the global, ancient world. An ideal candidate would examine disability and disabled persons within a premodern context by drawing upon robust theoretical frameworks to embrace an intersectional approach to disability history and redress the discriminatory traditions of scholars of the past. The area and period of specialization is open, but we are specifically seeking a Fellow whose research and teaching interests explore the cross-cultural experiences around disability in a global context. The Fellow would use interdisciplinary methods in their research but may have specialized training in history, linguistics, art, literature, or material culture. We welcome applications from PhDs in ancient Afro-Eurasian history or other related fields in the global premodern world.

Kay Fellowships are interdisciplinary appointments. The Kay Fellow in Premodern Disability Studies will hold a joint appointment as a faculty member at the rank of lecturer in the Departments of Classical Studies and English. The Kay Fellow will teach one course per semester and actively pursue their own research interests.