Publication Reviews/May 31, 2023

Invitation to Syriac Christianity: an Anthology

Invitation to Syriac Christianity: an Anthology lead image

With Invitation to Syriac Christianity: An Anthology, therefore, the four editors have met a longstanding need, and have done so with a work of excellent quality. This volume represents a broad and accessible introduction to the material of Syriac studies, suitable for scholars of classics and the ancient world looking to familiarize themselves with this important late ancient language and its literary tradition. At the same time, it is also well suited for use as a sourcebook for undergraduate teaching, for instance for courses on ancient Mediterranean religion, early Christianity, or the premodern Middle East.

Michael Philip Penn, Scott Fitzgerald Johnson, Christine Shepardson, Charles M. Stang, eds. Invitation to Syriac Christianity: an Anthology. University of California Press, 2022. 

From Bryn Mawr Classical Review (BMCR). Review by Walter Beers, University of Haifa