Jobs/Jul 31, 2015

Interfaith Relations in the Fourteenth Century

Interfaith Relations in the Fourteenth Century, Session at 51st International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, MI, May 12–15, 2016

The session will explore how the many crises of the fourteenth century (famines, economic problems, the plague, etc.) affected interfaith relations in Northern Europe and the Mediterranean, and in both the Christian and the Islamic worlds. It will also consider the role of other factors in shaping attitudes toward the religious “other” during the fourteenth century, such as new trends in religious culture and spirituality, political transformations, social pressures, and changes in the balance of power between Christians and Muslims in the Mediterranean. Finally, the session will seek to include papers that demonstrate continuities, as well as breaks, with the medieval traditions of toleration for religious minorities.

Fourteenth Century Society