Funding/May 15, 2023

IHR Doctoral Fellowships, 2023–2024

IHR Doctoral Fellowships, 2023–2024 lead image

The Institute of Historical Research, School of Advanced Research, University of London administers up to thirteen, six-month IHR Research Fellowships in History. The Fellowships are intended as writing-up awards for those who can make a clear argument about the need for additional time beyond the three years of doctoral study (or equivalent in the case of part-time or international students with longer programmes of study). They will be awarded to doctoral students who are engaged in the completion of a doctorate in history (broadly defined), on topics from 300AD to the present day.

Applicants must have completed at least three years of full-time or four years of part-time research on their doctoral programme (and not more than four years’ full-time or six years’ part-time) at the beginning of the academic year in which the awards will be held. 

These awards cannot be held in conjunction with any other substantial maintenance grant.