Publications/Jun 15, 2017

Gemstones in the First Millennium AD

Gemstones in the First Millennium AD lead image

Alexandra Hilgner, Susanne Greiff, and Dieter Quast, eds. Gemstones in the First Millennium AD: Mines, Trade, Workshops and Symbolism. RGZM – Tagungen, Band 30. Römisch-Germanischen Zentralmuseums, 2017.

From Römisch-Germanischen Zentralmuseums

Researchers from different fields like archaeology, history, philology and natural sciences present their studies on ancient gemstones. Using precious minerals as an example, trade flows and craftsmanship, but also utilisation and perception are discussed in a cross-cultural and diachronic approach. The present volume aims at three main questions concerning gemstones in archaeological and historical contexts: »Mines and Trade«, »Gemstone Working« as well as »The Value and the Symbolic Meaning(s) of Gemstones«.

This volume contains the proceedings of the conference »Gemstones in the first Millennium AD« held in autumn 2015 in Mainz, Germany, within the scope of the BMBF-funded project »Weltweites Zellwerk – International Framework«.