Courses/May 13, 2022

Fragmentology: Biblioclasty and Digital Reconstruction

Fragmentology: Biblioclasty and Digital Reconstruction lead image

Fragmentology: Biblioclasty and Digital Reconstruction, Summer School of the Research Centre for European Philological Tradition (RECEPTIO), Zoom & Lugano, June 20–25, 2022

A team of the Research Centre of European Philological Tradition has developed an original method for finding dismembered manuscript leaves through a system we called WayBack Recovery. The method makes it possible to trace sales that have taken place both on Ebay (since the creation of the platform) and through dealers' sites whose access is usually restricted to members only. The team has thus reconstructed a substantial number (42) of manuscripts of which only the disiecta membra are circulating on the market. In June and August, we organise a Summer School to teach the method to interested students.