Calls for Papers/Mar 7, 2019

Family Matters

Family Matters lead image

Family Matters, Fifth Annual Conference of the Late Antique and Medieval Postgraduate Society at the University of Edinburgh, June 15, 2019

The Late Antique and Medieval Postgraduate Society (LAMPS) at the University of Edinburgh is hosting a one-day conference on the theme of Family Matters in literature and historical sources from the Late Antique to the start of the Early Modern period. This conference seeks to further our understanding of the roles, values, religious ideals, practices and dynamics of the family during the Late Antique and Medieval periods. It invites us to explore how families, whether aristocratic or not, functioned. It also aims to strengthen interdisciplinary connections within and outside of the University of Edinburgh, including but not limited to the fields of Archaeology, History, Classics, History of Art, Literature, Language Studies, Islamic Studies, and Theology.

Submissions for papers on the theme of 'Family matters' are welcomed and the conference hopes to engage with a wider audience by providing a forum for postgraduate and early career scholars to present their research. Submissions for abstracts may include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Family as portrayed in literature
  • Gender roles
  • Children and childhood
  • The function of religion within everyday life
  • Parenthood
  • Home and work
  • Religious, legal and social issues within the home
  • Family and the community
  • Monastic families
  • Mortality

Early career scholars and postgraduate students are invited to submit abstracts.