Opportunities/Mar 26, 2019

Evans-Pritchard Lectureship 2019–2020, All Souls College, Oxford

Evans-Pritchard Lectureship 2019–2020, All Souls College, Oxford lead image

In 1998 All Souls College received a generous benefaction to establish an annual Lectureship in memory of Sir Edward Evans-Pritchard, Professor of Social Anthropology and Fellow of All Souls (1946-70) in the disciplines (social anthropology, classical studies, archaeology, modern history, Oriental studies) and the geographical areas (Africa, the Middle East, the Mediterranean) that most occupied him.

The benefactor is keen that the lectures should provide an empirical analysis of social relations, and should be based on fieldwork or on indigenous primary materials. The electors are enjoined, if possible, to appoint an early-career scholar rather than a mid-career or well-established person. A doctorate is required for eligibility.

The Lecturer should give four to six lectures over the course of one month, usually during May. The Lecturer is not required to reside in Oxford, and the position may be combined with others elsewhere. It is expected that the lectures will normally be published.

The Lecturer will receive a stipend of £3,000, and reasonable travel expenses, Common Table rights in College, and free accommodation in the College or one of its properties for the period of the lectures.