Funding/Apr 27, 2023

Doctoral Positions - DigPhil, Uppsala University

Doctoral Positions - DigPhil, Uppsala University lead image

The National Graduate School of Early Languages and Digital Philology (DigPhil) is a national graduate school, coordinated by the Faculty of Languages, Uppsala University, in collaboration with Lund University and Stockholm University. Its organizational structure. It will establish a cutting-edge doctoral research environment that combines the study of early languages – from pre-historical and ancient to early modern languages and their varieties up to the eighteenth century – with advancements in language technology. Our goal is to educate a new generation of philologists, grounded in the rich history of their discipline while possessing a strong proficiency in language technology. DigPhil is made possible thanks to financial support from the Swedish Research Council, 2023-27 (VR 2022-06343).

Doctoral positions are available at all three participating universities – Lund University, Stockholm University, and Uppsala University. 

Uppsala University has 4 positions in English, Greek, Language technology, Linguistics, or Scandinavian languages.