Lectures/Dec 1, 2017

Byzantine Routes and Frontiers in Eastern Pontus

Byzantine Routes and Frontiers in Eastern Pontus, lecture by Jim Crow (University of Edinburgh), The British Academy, London, December 7, 2017, 6:30–7:30 pm

Byzantine Trebizond (Trabzon) has a rich collection of written sources up to 1461. This lecture will combine new archaeological evidence from the miracle tales of St Eugenios, with fieldwork carried out at east Trabzon at the monastery at Buzluca. Professor Crow will show how it is possible to reconstruct routes and journeys across the Pontic mountains and identify Byzantine border lands around Bayburt and beyond.

Jim Crow is Professor of Classical Archaeology at the University of Edinburgh. His research has ranged from Hadrian’s Wall to Greece and Turkey from Roman to later medieval times. Recent projects have focused on the water supply of Constantinople and on the coastal regions of the Black Sea and the Aegean.

A British Institute at Ankara Lecture in memory of Anthony Bryer

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