Call for Sessions/Jun 01, 2023

Association for Art History 2024 Annual Conference

Association for Art History 2024 Annual Conference lead image

Association for Art History 2024 Annual Conference, University of Bristol, April 3–5, 2024

2024 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the Association for Art History. We are delighted to announce that next year’s conference will be held in collaboration with the History of Art department at the University of Bristol.

The Association for Art History’s Annual Conference brings together international research and critical debate about art history and visual culture. A key annual event, the conference is an opportunity to keep up to date with new research, hear leading keynotes, broaden networks and exchange ideas.

The Annual Conference attracts around 400 attendees each year and is popular with academics, curators, practitioners, PhD students, early career researchers and anyone engaged with art history research. 

History of Art at the University of Bristol originally emerged from the Department of Modern Languages, and we continue to be particularly invested in an interdisciplinary approach to transcultural exchange, across a period ranging from the middles ages to the present day. With an increasingly global focus, accounting for histories often marginalised in visual art, our framework includes materials, objects, bodies and institutions. For a ‘history of art’ department not much older than the AAH itself, the association’s fiftieth anniversary represents an opportunity to reflect on the transformation – and diversification – of the field, and to chart its future together. We particularly invite session proposals that address the state of the discipline, as well as those that engage with the broad theme of cross-cultural exchange. 

The 2024 Annual Conference is open to all, members and non-members of the Association for Art History. Anyone can submit a session proposal.