Funding/Sep 29, 2017

ASCSA Elizabeth A. Whitehead Visiting Professors, 2018–2019

ASCSA Elizabeth A. Whitehead Visiting Professors, 2018–2019 lead image

The American School of Classical Studies invites applications for Elizabeth A. Whitehead Visiting Professors. Applicants should be senior scholars with a significant record of publication and teaching in a North American institution who is a faculty or staff member at a Cooperating Institution. Preference will be given to those who have not received recent support from the School. Candidates who have held the Whitehead Professorship may apply if the previous term was at least five years prior.

During their tenure, Whitehead Professors should be advancing research on a project that utilizes the facilities of the School and enriches the academic program of the School. Whitehead Professors offer a seminar during the winter term (late November to late March) and contribute to the academic program in other significant ways, such as mentoring or advising students at the School and participating in School trips and excursions.