Armenian Society under Caliphal Rule

Armenian Society under Caliphal Rule lead image

Armenian Society under Caliphal Rule, University of Hamburg via Zoom, December 7–8, 2023 (event)

The Emmy Noether Junior Research Group ‘Social Contexts of Rebellion in the Early Islamic Period’ (SCORE) at the University of Hamburg is delighted to announce that registration is now open for the online workshop ‘Armenian Society under Caliphal Rule’, 7–8 December 2023.

This workshop will consider the social history of Armenia in the period between the first Muslim invasions and the establishment of the Bagratuni Kingdom, i.e. seventh to ninth centuries CE/first to third centuries AH. Contributions will cover a diverse range of topics including Church councils, epigraphy, the environment and cross-cultural marriage.

Confirmed participants include Stephanie Forrest (Cambridge), Tim Greenwood (St Andrews), Ani Honarchian (Saint Louis), Nik Matheou (Edinburgh), Leone Pecorini Goodall (Edinburgh/St Andrews) and Johannes Preiser-Kapeller (Vienna). Each talk will be followed by a response from a dedicated discussant and a public Q&A.


Advance registration required.