Courses/Feb 24, 2022

Armenian Language Summer School, 2022

Armenian Language Summer School, 2022 lead image

Armenian Language Summer School, Yerevan, July 3–30, 2022

ASPIRANTUM - Armenian School of Languages and Cultures invites international participants to apply and take part in its Armenian language summer school to be organized from July 3 until July 30, 2022 in Yerevan, Armenia. The Armenian language summer school offers 80 hours of intensive Armenian language teaching during 20 days (from Monday till Friday each week). Every day the participants will receive Armenian language instruction for 4 hours.

The 2022 Armenian language summer school will help the participants to become skillful in written and oral modern Eastern Armenian. Reading and interpreting Armenian texts from different periods may also be included in the curriculum.

This Armenian language school is designed for participants, at least 18 years-old.

The summer school 2022 will have 1 group of up to 12 participants. The participants must have upper elementary, lower intermediate and intermediate level of Armenian language knowledge before starting the classes with ASPIRANTUM. 

Participation fee is 2590 USD.

This price includes reading and writing materials, coffee breaks, welcome and farewell parties, transportation and meal costs during cultural trips, some dinners with guest speakers.

We will not cover accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner, visa costs, insurance, travel costs to Armenia, from Armenia and in Armenia, any costs of accompanying friends or family members.

There are several scholarships available to participate in ASPIRANTUM’s Armenian language summer school. Scholarship Information.

ASPIRANTUM also offers summer language courses for Persian and Russian.