Lectures/Mar 09, 2023

Armenia and the World in Art and Text

Armenia and the World in Art and Text lead image

Armenia and the World in Art and Text, lecture by Christina Maranci (Harvard University), Catholic University of America, March 23, 2023, 5:00 pm

Through the generosity of Mr. Dean Shahinian, the Institute for the Study of Eastern Christianity is kicking off an annual lecture series titled "The Grace and Paul Shahinian Armenian Christian Art and Culture Lecture Series." The inaugural lecture will be on Thursday March 23, 2023 at 5 pm in Heritage Hall (O'Connell Hall), The Catholic University of America. 

All too often Armenia stands on the sidelines of mainstream art-historical narratives. Yet a closer look at the textual, visual, and material traditions of historical Armenia reveals a very different perspective. The direct engagement of Armenia and Armenians in the broader world is attested in striking, sophisticated, and beautiful objects and texts from antiquity to the modern era. Prof. Maranci will present and discuss a selection of these in her lecture.

Dr. Christina Maranci is Mashtots Professor of Armenian Studies in the Departments of Near Eastern Languages and Civilization and History of Art and Architecture at Harvard University. Her work explores the art and culture of Armenia in all aspects, but with special emphasis on the late antique and medieval periods.

Advance registration required. Register by March 16, 2023.