Jobs/Feb 26, 2019

ARIT Istanbul Branch Director

ARIT Istanbul Branch Director lead image

The American Research Institute in Turkey, Istanbul Branch (ARIT-Istanbul), is seeking applicants for the position of ARIT-Istanbul Branch Director, effective July 1, 2019.

The Director resides in Istanbul, and is responsible for supervising the ARIT-Istanbul branch located at the Koç-ANAMED facility in Istanbul’s Beyoğlu district. The duties include the development of public programs paralleling those run by other institutes and universities in the city, along with pursuing opportunities to collaborate with other institutions and scholars. The director oversees ARIT’s library collections and digital projects, including acquisitions, cataloguing, maintenance of databases, and construction and updating of relevant interfaces. The director also prepares the relevant reports for compliance with granting agencies, government authorities, and annual reports to the Board of Directors, as well as an annual outreach newsletter. The Director assists ARIT fellows and other scholars doing research in Turkey with their projects, including engagement with the relevant archival, library, or governmental authorities. The Director is also expected to manage the financial affairs of the ARIT Representative office in Istanbul, to issue budget reports, and to seek out fundraising opportunities for the organization and its affiliated groups as a whole.

Potential candidates should possess excellent spoken and written ability in English, and good communication skills in Turkish to facilitate interaction with scholars and bureaucracies; computer literacy with an emphasis on database management, social media, and website design skills; experience in financial accounting; and ongoing research interests in Turkey.